Friday, January 27, 2012

It's not Springtime yet!!

Prices are 40-50% off the FW2011 OXFORD collection on our webshop!!!!

(ok we get it, with all the talk about the new collection and the big name change, it's hard to focus on the sales).

Think about it this way: it's a great chance to get a collector's item, the VERY LAST season of GIRLS FROM OMSK before we become OMSK Belgium.... How can you resist??

To tempt you a bit more, here are some of our faves from the last season:

The MOTHER AKHMATOVA: for a little bling with your sweatshirt...

The MIND: not all parties happen in December... this top will keep you shining all year!!

The MISTY WOOL: It's still cold enough to need a jacket, why not make yours a super-stylish one?

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