Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Becoming OMSK

A new name for a clothing label with a history.

Known since 2007 under the name GIRLS FROM OMSK, our label has evolved, from ‘streetwear’ to ‘street couture’ to become what it is today: a label strongly rooted in its time proposing a blend of casual and designer wear with a fresh and accessible twist, for both women and men.

As of 2012 and with the launch of our SS12 collection YALTA, we will now be known as OMSK. Still playful and edgy, but also with a touch of elegance.

Strong prints, structured and straightforward cuts are the essence of OMSK collections. OMSK universe is about travel and Russian culture. The imagery used in OMSK collections is linked to the heritage of russian art and culture, confronted with every day western influences. Each collection is a journey to a new destination, an imaginery exploration of a city.

Visit us at our new website: www.omsk-belgium.com

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