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We had no idea about the name, so I just asked my friends on Facebook – I  had hundred comments and then got this idea for the store’s name.  

Who are you? 

Anastasia Sartan (CEO Trends Brands) and Varya Vedeneeva (marketing manager of Trends Brands)

We are a brand new Russian online store with free delivery all over the country and an offline shop corner in Moscow. During the 6 months of our existence we’ve already made great results: one of the most popular bands, Tesla Boy, played at our shop corner’s launch, website and store relaunch, we were nominated as “best new shop” by Time-out Moscow and As well, we provide new standards of quality and client-service comparable to how it is in Europe. We enjoy making fun descriptions and styling our products creatively, no more boring photos and text. 

What is the store concept? 

The biggest online retailer with a selection of the best brands from all over the world.

Who shops here?  

Young, sophisticated people from 16 up to 35 years old. Influencers, opinion-leaders, fashion or near-fashion orientated, musicians, artists, journalists etc...

Which celebrity would you love to have visit TRENDS BRANDS?  

Guess it’s Ksenia Sobchak. We really like what she’s doing here in Moscow and she has great sense of humor as well. (image from wikipedia)

Why do you love GIRLS FROM OMSK?  

You make extraordinary clothes – that’s the main reason. We like how you mix current and upcoming trends with distinctive Russian culture.

What is your favorite item from the FW2011 GIRLS FROM OMSK collection?  

Oh grr, it’s not an easy choice. Can we pick few? I think they are:

the famous Shishkin print t-shirt (MEG MISHKI)

the Anna Akhmatova sweatshirt (MOTHER AKHMATOVA) and the plaid flannel shirt (MURDER).

And for sure it’s the kitten print (EGG BEGEMOTT). We love cats and kittens! Catvertising!

Can you tell us something more?  

Definitely! The biggest thing we want is to see beautiful girls in dresses and handsome young men well dressed and not only in Moscow or Saint Petersburg. We want to make  all our clients happy and break this stereotype about Russia – we have new generation here and everything is going to be amazing. We don’t believe in the end of the world in 2012 ;)

How can we find you?

We love internet, you can find us everywhere:!/bemytrend we hide promocodes everywhere. We love tricks :)  It's our moodboard for different things. Especially now – a moustache contest dedicated to movember popular russian social network

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