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The GIRLS FROM OMSK Shop Tour is a collaborative project GIRLS FROM OMSK and the shops The closet, Cream, WAKE UP, Mr. Ego, REWIND and garde-robe nationale. We wanted to let you know a little more about the shops that carry the collection.



When the store first opened 10 years ago, there wasn’t much going on our street (Nationalestraat). It didn’t have any clothing shops. So when it came to naming the shop we thought that this would be the “garde-robe” on the Nationalestraat. Now there are so many clothing shops around us and this is really a cool area, but in the beginning it wasn’t so.

Who are you?   

Nathalie Lachat (Manager and buyer)

What is the store concept?  

Bringing fashion to the woman on the street.

There is so much going on with the fashion scene in Antwerp, but looking out on the street we didn’t see many women actually wearing stylish clothes. We stock collections that balance affordability with creativity and quality. Our philosophy is less about the brand and more about getting our clients to put their stamp on the clothes. It is better sometimes that you don’t know the brand that you are wearing, but to find your own style.

Who shops here?  

I find a lot of the woman who comes in here is dynamic and successful, in control of her world. But that she often lacks confidence with fashion. So we try to help her find the right style for her personality / body type so that she can look as good on the outside as on the inside.

Which celebrity would you love to see come in GARDE-ROBE NATIONALE?   

I’m sick of celebrities! When a woman comes in the shop she is a woman, not a celebrity. Everyone is treated the same here.

Why do you love GIRLS FROM OMSK?   

It’s a brand that I didn’t have in the shop. They have a street chic attitude and something we were missing, the casual element. There is a great balance on price and quality. I also love that the collections evolve each season, the brand is growing up, but not getting old. It also brings another type of client into the shop.

What is your favorite item from the FW2011 GIRLS FROM OMSK collection?  

I have these great glitter shoes that work super well with the MOTHER AKHMATOVA (here is Nathalie in the top)

I also found the SHUN01 BARRETTE COLORS that I really had a hard time leaving behind. (here’s me and thank you to Nathalie, for her great stylist’s eye on the pic)

Can you tell us something more?   

When we're talking with the women that come in the shop it becomes sometimes psychology through clothes, showing women that some of their ideas about their bodies are incorrect and maybe getting them to try out a different style. Most of all, we are honest. Clothing is part of the first impression that a person makes and so we help translate what a woman wants to communicate. I can easily become a personal stylist for a lot of my clients.

How can we find you?

Address: Nationalestraat 72, 2000 Antwerp
Phone: +32 (0) 3 485 8689
Website / Facebook

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat 10:00 - 18:00

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