Friday, October 21, 2011


The GIRLS FROM OMSK Shop Tour is a collaborative project GIRLS FROM OMSK and the shops The closet, CREAM, Wake Up, Mr. Ego, Rewind and garde-robe nationale. We wanted to let you know a little more about the shops that carry the collection.

Store name: CREAM

The store’s name is from hip hop lyrics of the 90’s and picks up on the skater vibe from that time.

Who are you?

Tommy (buyer and sales)

What is the store concept?

Street meets fashion with a local twist.

CREAM (and its sister store LIMITS) launched 20 years ago, before online shopping was everywhere. At first it was a destination shop in Ghent where brands not normally available in Belgium could be found. Now that it is easier to access international brands, we specialise in choosing the clothes that suit the vibe of our clients. This means also stocking the more niche items from a designer’s collection, the things that won’t be found in other shops.

Who shops here?

We have a big age range, maybe 16 to 45, but usually our client is in their 20’s, outgoing and confident. They are aware of fashion and know how they want to look. We also have clients that come specifically for certain brands. And so for us, it is really about knowing the client and knowing the area.

Which celebrity would you love to see come in Cream?

Ummm .... next question.

Why do you love GIRLS FROM OMSK?

They are great people with a great collection. GIRLS FROM OMSK have stayed true to what the brand stands for. They fit the image of the shop and they bring a different flavour. Often, if a client is looking for that one special item, they find it in GIRLS FROM OMSK.

What is your favorite item from the FW2011 GIRLS FROM OMSK collection?

The MISTY WOOL. It’s a jacket that is great for men and women. (here is Tommy modeling the MISTY WOOL)

For women the MIND. One of our staff tried on the MIND and ended up buying it! (here I am trying it on - I totally got the urge to buy it!)

Can you tell us something more?

LIMITS (CREAM’s sister store) was one of the first skate shops and was a destination for teens interested in skate culture. When CREAM first opened we really had the skater fashion vibe, but as time and styles changed, we’ve now become more a street-related fashion destination.

How can we find you?


Address: 9 Hoogpoort 9000 Ghent, Belgium

Phone: +32 (0) 9 224 0085

Opening hours:

Mon-Sat 10:00 - 18:00

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