Monday, September 6, 2010

Writing or the making of Vladimir Vissotzky

Sometimes you just’ve got an idea immediately and you can finish a review or whatever in 10 minutes, but sometimes it take a long time and even fingers don’t wanna listen to you. This is a strange thing about writing.
I’ve never thought I could write or something, especially in English. It was always a pleasure to have a best result in essay in Russian literature and the worst result in Russian grammar.
But now the times they are a-changin’ and instead of being magazine designer I’m going to be something like a ‘journalist’ soon.
Writing it's easy thing to do. You need nothing except a computer with a Word program and a gmail, everybody can do it, and you have always something to tell people.
Writing became popular. In glossy magazines you're finding huge features about YOUR OWN BOOK PUBLISHING, lots of people just writing their own scripts or just... something... or whatever.
It’s probably the same like with a digital camera in early 2000-s. One day we woke up and realized that now everyone can shoot, create pictures, make films.
But even with all these brilliant facilities quality staying in the same level. No genius. No new talents. We still look back for the inspiration.
But hope its gonna change somehow.

Here is our ‘long and winding road’ of making Vissotzky t-shirt.
That’s right being creative not’s that easy.

First we've chosen the picture.
Then the design.

I was thinking about literature aspect, cause its very important for Russian music and Vissotzky as well.
Hamlet dialog, why not ?!
Picture was not the best resolution so i even try some illustration with a scriptographer.
But we happy with a result.

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