Monday, May 17, 2010


The only one person in Russian culture who is this important to everyone as it is Vladimir Vissotzky.

He was a popular theatre and cinema actor, a musician, a bard and also the first Russian rock-star. He is probably less important for music history than Viktor Tsoy, but somebody more for the whole Soviet culture for sure! He had his own special way of singing, special way of acting and of living. A man with a strong charisma, he charmed all soviet people. You could find posters of Vissotsky almost everywhere. Of course, all women were crazy about him!

He died from a heart attack while he was sleeping. It was a time of the Olympic games in Moscow (1980) so nobody actually wrote a necrologue and the only one who did it, was fired immediately. His third wife Marina Vladi, the celebrated french actress, wanted to take his heart with her to Paris but she was not allowed to do so.
Many years later people still remember him and celebrate his birthday by bringing flowers to his tombstone.

GIRLS FROM OMSK wanted to pay tribute to this Soviet legend in their next fall collection.
The image we used of the one with the skull as one of Vladimir's main acting roles was Hamlet in the Taganka theatre in Moscow. During the making of the print we tried many variations with colors, collages and typography. In the end we decided to stick this version: pure and simple: just a huge image without any elements, only a great face of a great human being!

Have a look on some old videos of him. You might not understand the lyrics, but believe me, they are strong!

"Ballad about love" from movie soundtrack.

from the beginig "to be or not to be" monologue

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