Friday, August 13, 2010

Winter Flashback

It’s heat and smoke in Moscow these days, actually the hottest summer in history. I came for my holiday from London, and immediately understood that better move than die. So I changed my location into Istanbul.
If the summer is hot, then the winter is cold. And if this summer in Moscow is the hottest one, winter was the coldest one, that I’ve never seen for my 28 years life.
But anyway, weather thing (that worries Russian people as mush as Belgians) did not prevent us from having GIRLS FROM OMSK photo-shoot only in Russia, only in snow and only in the rural countryside.

The place we've chosen for a shoot was dacha, where we spent nice time with breaks between shooting for a warm tea and in the end talking about Russian destiny till the morning in the kitchen.

Being a stylist it’s always fun, sometimes I think that it’s the best “girly” job in the world.
What you do, you just collect nice stuff from everywhere and just arrange all this things together.
And when you see the result you proud and happy. That's what i feel when I see this picture with MASHA.
This traditional Russian hat (Yes, you are not mistaken, it’s USHANKA) I borrowd from my father. Even on this hat from sable (the most expensive fur in Russia) we were not ashamed to put a GIRLS FROM OMSK badge.
This fluffy scarf (looks like grand mama's and very very warm) I brought from my nice friend together with valenki (Russian traditional Uggi) and mittens.

Sitting now on a terrace with a view on the sea of Marmara and the Blue Mosque I hardly remember how cold was that time and how difficult was to shoot for IVAN and for models.

Have a look at the pictures and enjoy the winter landscape 150 km from Moscow.

Truly yours,

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