Monday, February 6, 2012

OMSK is...

We're so happy about the love that our name change has been getting, but before charging into the future we want to take a minute to remember where our inspiration comes from.

So what did we come up with? OMSK-Belgium is rooted in Russia.

We live in Belgium, but we don't forget where we came from and we bring it with us: every collection winks at Russian culture. And we're always getting great ideas there, especially for our graphic tees. 

Some of our favorite examples are:

Anton Chekhov, physician and playwright. The Russian Maupassant!

Vladimir Mayakovsky, the man that brought the streets into Russian poetry.

The cat Begemot, the right hand of Satan in Bulgakov’s masterpiece 'The Master and Margurite', we couldn't help but make our own version.

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