Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Updates

Don't steal yourself from beauty. Go and see PINA in 3D as soon as possible!

Meanwhile "The Russian Season" in London BFI has started. It's been a century now (from the 2008), when the film industry was launched in Russia.
Vertov, Eisenshtein, Dovzhenko and many more represented now in the cinema.
Thanx to all people who doing this. Don't pass by if you are somewhere around and come to see "Kino-eye", "Old and New", "Potemkin".
Than another season is coming named "Kosmos" with Tarkovskiy's "Solaris" and "Stalker" and we hope to see more screenings of the great russian/soviet filmakers in the near future..
Enjoy the posters of the golden era of Russian cinema by brothers Stenberg (my favourite designers of that period). They were studied together at The Stroganov Academy (where I studied as well but much later ;)) and worked together till one of them has gone. They used to sign their posters 2-СТЕНБЕРГ-2 / 2-STENBERG 2.

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