Monday, December 27, 2010


To celebrate their 200 years, french car manufacturer Peugeot asked GIRLS FROM OMSK aswell as 10 other belgian designer, artists, writers,illustrators to think about mobility in 200 years. Each artist received a white 180 cm wide circle as canvas to answer the question.

On the 9th of december the works were shown to the press. GIRLS FROM OMSK came up with the following concept:

In 200 years how ever we will travel: by air, on or underground, the evolution of technology and its miniaturization will have completely changed our way to travel. The global travel network will be managed by a central computerized intelligence! There will not be any more accidents!

If you wish to travel, you simply enter your destination and time of departure, and a space in the global network will be assigned to you. The notion of "driver" will have desappeared aswell as the notion of "the steering wheel". Once you come into your "private travel space" the whole travel experience will be automated. The interior of the private travel space will no longer serve the purpose of travel. The user will therefore have to choose the function and style of the interior: if the user enjoys reading, the interior of the private travel space can be a library; if the passion is
cooking, it can be a be a kitchen etc.

In 200 years manufacturers such as Peugeot will offer several interior designs / functions called "Peugeot Interior Solutions ™" for each series of "private travel spaces". For the press event GIRLS FROM OMSK proposed "the Colonial Lounge interior solution", for those users who in 200 years will be passionate about the 20th century style and will be looking for a touch of adventure and historical chic and lounge kitsch!

We also had fun re-working the Peugeot logo and here is what we came up
In 200 years all living species (vegetal aswell as animal) will be under the exclusive property of private companies. Hence the animal "lion", icon of the Peugeot company for centuries, will be patented by National Geographic Bio Corp. To avoid high expenses on copyrights for the use of the image of a lion, Peugeot will have to re-design their logo by simplifying its shape in order to keep the "idea" of a lion without representing it. The logo will become a mesh of lines which symbolize a computer chip.

Our complex concept was really appreciated by Peugeot representatives thanks to our Philippe's tremendous talents as orator!!

The works of the 10 artists will be on tour for a year with Peugeot.

Check the website for Peugeot's Mobility in 200 years press event here.

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