Sunday, October 31, 2010


It seems like the new Era for Russian cinema has started.
Both russian movies I've seen on a festivals were good. Both had a big success.

Ovsyanki / Silent Souls
by Fedorchenko won FIPRESCI Prize, Best Cinematography, in Venice.

There is gossip that Quentin Tarantino applauded for 15 min standing after watchin this.

How I ended this Summer/ the right translatiion is - How I Spent This Summer/ Как я провел этим летом
by Aleksei Popogrebsky 've got the Golden Bear in Berlin this year.
I called this movie: The russian version of "Go to the WIld", my friend Ken Christiaens would love it.

Highly recommended...

I hope my perception has not been damaged and it's not just a stupid homesick.

Have a good week,

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